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What did Merton Priory look like?

This topic focuses on reconstructing Merton Priory using documentary, archaeological and architectural evidence. As there’s nothing left of Merton Priory, it’s a lot of guesswork!

Thinking about what it looked like also makes us think about how things were built, and about the function of and life at the Priory. The topic relates to the KS3 topic of art, architecture and literature – and not so much ‘religion in daily life’ as ‘daily life in religion’! It is also valuable preparation for AQA’s GCSE topic BB.4 ‘The historic environment of medieval England’.

Below is a scheme of work and resources. The topic is designed to cover 6 lessons. The scheme of work is an editable word document so that you can adapt it to your classes. The resources are downloadable documents and pictures, and here is a page of useful links to other online resources.

What did Merton Priory Look Like Scheme of Work




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