Thomas Becket at Merton Priory

A 7-minute short about the relationship between Thomas Becket and the Priory of St Mary, Merton.

Merton Priory Chapter House – History Unearthed

What links a supermarket, the Magna Carta, St Barts Hospital, William the Conqueror, Parliament, a Roman road, Oxford University, Wimbledon and Henry VIII?
Produced by Bobbin Productions; featuring John Hawks and Charlie Shakespeare. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Published in June 2018.

Spem in alium

Spem in Alium (Hope in any other) – Thomas Tallis – recorded at Merton Priory Chapter House on 15th September 2018.

Merton Priory Chapter House – History Under Our Feet

This short film, directed, filmed and edited by volunteers as part of Groundwork London’s Industrial Heritage Recording project, documents people’s experiences of the Merton Priory Chapter House, focusing on the proposed improvements due to take place to enhance the visibility and accessibility of the premises. Published in January 2017.

The excavations at Merton Abbey Mills by Channel 4s – Time Team (2002)

During three days between 25th-27th September 2002, Channel 4’s Time Team were invited to excavate on the site of the former Liberty’s works at Merton Abbey Mills, Merton. The purpose was to reveal a number of buildings and artefacts relating to the lost workshops of Liberty’s works and the former owners, the Littler family, who were producing all of Liberty’s fine cotton and silks from the 1890s.

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