Our teachers’ packs have information about the Priory, and lesson and project ideas. The teaching resources contain worksheets and instructions for specific activities. We’re completing the other packs so check here for updates.

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Teachers’ Packs:

These information packs are to help create schemes of works and lessons based on Merton Priory. Useful (KS3) textbooks include Medieval Minds in Pearson’s Think Through History series and Invasion, Plague and Murder in OUP’s KS3 History series.

Key Stages 2 and 3

  • Monastic Life
    Monastic Life
  • Merton Priory
    Merton Priory
  • What did Merton Priory look like?
    TBA – This explores why Merton Priory was so big, and what it might have looked like.
  • Merton – where?
    TBA  –  Merton Priory does not exist, but it used to be one of the most important institutions in England. This explores why there is nothing left, and how we can best remember Merton Priory.
  • Stone!
    Building of Stone –  This looks at the basic building material of Merton Priory, and links history and geography, art and design.
  • Thomas Becket.
    Thomas Beckett –  The death of Thomas Becket is famous; less well-known is that Thomas was a schoolboy at Merton.
  • Hubert de Burgh.
    Hubert de Burgh –  As Justiciar of England under Henry III, Hubert was one of the most important men in the kingdom. But in 1232, he fled to Merton Priory, pursued by a murderous mob of Londoners…
  • Matilda of Scotland.
    Matilda of Scotland –  Matilda was a supporter of Merton Priory before its first stone was laid. She is one of the most interesting and undersung queens in English mediaeval history.
  • Further ideas:
    Teacher's Pack - 11 - Further Ideas –  Merton Priory can feature in lessons about the Norman Conquest, Magna Carta and Parliament, the Black Death, and the English Reformation.


Merton Priory can form part of the history of medicine (mediaeval hospitals, public health, religion and medicine), and part of the history of the reign of King John. Merton Priory is also ideal for the OCR History Around Us component.

Teaching resources

School Visits

Merton Priory is open for school visits.

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A 15-minute film about Merton Priory is here.

There are some excellent resources about monasteries on the internet.

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