Merton Priory Latest Plans

Merton Priory Latest Plans13 September 2012 – Merton Priory Latest Plans.

The aim of the Merton Priory project is ‘to establish and maintain in perpetuity an education centre on the site of the Chapter House of Merton Priory.’ A long term view.

Several aspects to this:
– physical building and remains
– friends of the Priory and community engagement
– education, scholarly, and web resources.

Project has already started
– lowering of chapter house floor
– improvements to exhibits and display
– tidying up outside areas.
– Friends database of over 200 people.
– basic web site
– opening discussion with Merton Coll Oxford, Notre Dame University and local schools..

Community archeology at its best‘Community archeology at its best’ (Current Archeology Aug 2012)

Two things.
– the plans for the priory – concentrating on the physical capital works.
– where we are with delivering them.


Site plan
The site is in green  and within this the Chapter House in yellow
– Wandle and its earlier course, to the east,
– Roman Road
– Merton Priory remains in purple and the precinct wall fragments.
– the orientation of Merton Priory and its placement.  None of the modern buildings follow the Priory geometry.
We have identified a phase 1 to be carried out over the next 5 years.
The aim of phase 1 is to make a few simple moves to transform the chapter house so that it becomes:
– a much better visitor experience with a ‘wow’ factor
– more visible and making a positive contribution to the area as a whole
– more usable.Community archeology at its best 2

The proposals include:
– taking down the engineering brick wall that encloses the chapter house enclosure from the south
– putting a new glass wall in its place, flooding the place with light and warmth
– putting in a new block to contain WC, kitchenette and storage
– lowering the chapter house floor and installing a new level, heated floor so that it can be used in autumn and spring evenings
– relaying the cloister floor
– improving the displays
– creating a new entrance pathway from the south
– creating a new community garden on the site of the infirmary Garden
– site wide signage and interpretaion.
Click here for plans.
The north wall and the area of the church will be left for a later phase.


Ownership of the site is now with LB Merton, together with section 106 monies of about £400k.

The works are to be delivered in sub phases as follows:
Phase 1A.  The glass wall, storage block
Phase 1B  Other improvements within the chapter house
Phase 1C the community garden.

Phase 1A is likely to cost about £280-300K and be delivered 2014.
LB Merton are to be lead partners with MPT acting as agents.
It will be funded 20/80% between S106 and HLF.
that is approx. £80K from section 106 and £200K from HLF Living Wandle bid.

Phase 1B and C will be funded by other sources, and will follow on shortly after this, funded either by
–  a larger HLF grant
–  other smaller grants with the work in phases.
The aim is to achieve 20/80 leverage for all S106 monies.

What you can do to help

Comment on the proposals preferably in writing to

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